Valhalla Project Niagara

Project # 2457

If you wish to support the District Deputy Grand Master’s chosen charitable organization, please submit your donation directly to the District Deputy Grand Master or Bro. Michael Irvine. You may also send your cheque to the address below with Project Number 2457 in the memo line.

361 King St. West, Hamilton, ON L8P 1B4

From the About Us page of Valhalla Project Niagara:


Utilizing the inherent beauty of the Niagara region, we will seek to provide our participants with a safe and serene environment where they can engage in personal reflections and meditative activities.


To reduce the rate of suicide among Military Veterans and First Responders we provide programs to support, educate and facilitate a better understanding of PTSD. PTSD is only dangerous when you are suicidal and alone, we may not be able to control our suicidality, but we CAN control if we are alone in times of distress. Daily and ongoing usage of a support network is encouraged and demonstrated.


We seek to end the stigma associated to PTSD and allow participants to move forward into post-traumatic growth,