Protocol & Etiquette

Protocol and Etiquette Newsletters of Grand Lodge – listed by Issue

P & E Essentials Issue 1

DefinitionsThe whole purpose and object of protocol?When is it proper to use the Sign of Fidelity?Quick PointsP & E Essentials Issue 2 – May 2009

The GavelBanquet Hall ProtocolP & E Essentials Issue 3 – October 2009

Banquet Hall Seating Protocol The WandsFuneral Honours The Grand HonoursP & E Essentials Issue 4 – January 2010

Reception of Visiting BrethrenAnnouncing Grand Lodge Visitors – updated below 2012 Proper Reference to the Grand MasterWorshipful Master’s CollarP & E Essentials Issue 5 – March 2010

Saluting W.M.Saluting When Passing W.M. The Lewis JewelThe TylerCan The Grand Honours Be Given In Public? The WarrantDraping The WarrantSay I, repeat your several names and say after meP & E Essentials Issue 6 – April 2010

Dress And Undress Regalia The Sign Of Fidelity Addressing The EastP & E Essentials Issue 7 – (Rev.1) June 2010

The Ballot – Part OneHow To Conduct The BallotP & E Essentials Issue 8 – October 2010

The Ballot – Part TwoProcedural Rules Concerning Applications Questions & AnswersP & E Essentials Issue 9 – December 2010

The William Mercer Wilson Medal The Head Table”Worshipful Master” Is A RankP & E Essentials Issue 10 – February 2011

Masonic ToastsP & E Essentials Issue 11 – March 2011

Why Is The Master Called “Worshipful” The Worshipful MasterSaluting The Worshipful MasterTake The Proper Step Before Saluting SalutingQuestions – on the SaluteP & E Essentials Issue 12 – April 2011

Dress Codes In Masonry The Well-Dressed Mason GlovesP & E Essentials Issue 13 – June 2011A

Replaced by P & E Guide to the Masonic Memorial ServicesSee below in Special IssuesP & E Essentials Issue 14 – January 2012

Committee Of General Purposes BackgroundMotions AdjourningP & E Essentials Issue 15 – February 2012

Committee Of General Purposes cont’d The Business Portion Of A Lodge MeetingHow to Efficiently Conduct the Business Portion of a Lodge MeetingMinutes of Lodge MeetingsAgendaRules of Order MotionsThe Worshipful Master’s Powers and ResponsibilitiesP & E Essentials – Issue 16 – March 2012

Cell Phone EtiquetteMultiple Volumes Of The Sacred LawP & E Essentials – Issue 17 – April 2012

The Grand Honours The Deacons Addressing The EastAddressing A Head Table (Use of Brother & Brethren)P & E Essentials – Issue 18 – May 2012

Election of Lodge OfficersP & E Essentials – Issue 19 – June 2012Banquet Hall Protocol

Setting up a Head TableP & E Essentials – Issue 20 – December 2012Banquet hall protocol – part 2

Introducing a head tableIntroducing a secondary head tableAddressing a head tableP & E Essentials – Issue 21 – January 2013The Grand Honours

Funeral Honours (see Issue 31 & Guide to the Masonic Memorial Services – September 2014)P & E Essentials – Issue 22 – February 2013Draping the Warrant Memorial Services The AltarP & E Essentials – Issue 23 – March 2013JEWELS and PINS

(A) How Jewels Should Be Worn(B) What Pins and Buttons Can Be Worn(C) Royal Arch JewelMilitary & civilian medals & pinsCollarsP & E Essentials – Issue 24 – April 2013The District Deputy Grand Master

DDGM’s Official VisitDDGM’s FIRST VISITAddressing the East in LodgeProtocol of final commentBanquetsP & E Essentials – Issue 25 – May 2013QUESTIONS & ANSWERS BOOKLETP & E Essentials – Issue 26 – July 2013THE COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY

The Process of Inquiry (Extracted from a presentation by R.W. Bro. Brian Gilkinson)The InterviewP & E Essentials – Issue 27 – January 2014THE DIRECTOR OF CEREMONIES

What a D. of C. should knowOrder of Introduction of Current GLOsSpecial Protocol Applies When The Grand Master Visits A LodgeReception of Grand Lodge Officers and Banquet Hall ProtocolDirector of Ceremonies’ BatonWand EtiquetteMiscellaneousReferencesP & E Essentials – Issue 28 – February 2014THE WILLIAM MERCER WILSON MEDALTHE GRAND MASTER’S MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDP & E Essentials – Issue 29 – March 2014VISITATION AND A BOARD OF TRIALP & E Essentials – Issue 30 – April 2014THE DIRECTOR OF CEREMONIES’ BATON

Historical Significance And BackgroundHow To Carry A Baton


SignificanceDress CodeHistorical BackgroundPlanning – The Day Of The ServiceReviewThe ServicePlanning – Long RangeOne Final Thought To PonderOfficers’ DutiesCheck ListItems Needed For A Masonic Memorial ServiceP & E Essentials – Issue 32 – May 2014MASONIC DRESS CODES

Dress Codes DecodedBusiness DressSemi?formal Dress ( Black Tie )Morning SuitFormal Dress ( White Tie ) GUIDELINES TO OUR MASONIC DRESS CODESWhen the following are appropriate:Business dressSemi?formal dressMorning SuitFormal Dress


Privileges Conferred By The ConstitutionWith These Privileges Come ResponsibilitiesSome Suggested Protocols For Past Masters To Observe In LodgeP & E Essentials – Issue 34 – February 2015DOES HUMOUR HAVE A PLACE IN A LODGE ROOM?

John attends the perfect lodge meetingP & E Essentials – Issue 35 – April 2015REVIEW OF IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF PROTOCOL

Candidate’s NameSalutesSalutingMoving About The Lodge RoomExcessive And/Or Unnecessary Circumambulation the Grand HonoursRedundancies To Be AvoidedWho Can Sit In The East?Freedom Of The LodgePersonal Demeanor Of The Wm And His OfficersP & E Essentials – Issue 36 – February 2016

“Freedom of the Lodge”Open Ritual Books in Lodge P & E Essentials – Issue 37 – March 2016

Improper solicitationWho would make a good candidate?Our degrees and lecturesSummary P & E Essentials – Issue 38 – May 2016

Proper etiquette while “O Canada” is being sung.Congratulating the candidateStep up nightAdjusting the working tools P & E Essentials – Issue 39 – July 2016

Balloting and lodge elections.Conducting lodge elections: a practical guide.Planning for election night.Questions & answers pertaining to lodge elections.Suggested procedure for the worshipful master to follow on election night.P & E Guide to the Masonic Memorial Services– September 2015

SignificanceHistorical BackgroundReview – 3 ServicesPlanning – Long RangeCheck List of Supplies needed to conduct a memorial serviceOfficers’ DutiesDress CodePlanning – The Day of the ServiceThe ServiceOne Final Thought to PonderRecommended Positioning of Participants at a Masonic Memorial ServicePlanning Sheet – who does which piece of serviceArticle – The impact a Masonic Memorial Service can have on a familyExample of a Booklet for the Service (A copy might also be given to members of the family)Example of a Sacred RollP and E Receiving GL Officers Banquet Hall Protocol – Incl GLO Intro – Revised Sept 1 2016