Talks by District Deputy Grand Master at Official Visits

King Edward VII No 471 – Oct 5 2016
Dominion Lodge No 615 – Oct 6 2016
Myrtle Lodge No 337 – Oct, 25 2016
Macnab Lodge No 169 – Nov 8 2016
Phoenix Lodge No 535 – Nov 21 2016

Positive thoughts put out to the universe
Brethren , Freemasonry says time and time again that it makes good men better men. But do you ever know , how it really does do that.

In my talks this year as your D.D.G.M, I will be giving suggestions and possible ways of making YOU that better all around person. As a Mason, a Friend, a Husband, a Father,….and all around better Man in Society. The suggestions which I will be trying to instil in you will be the ways you can improve yourself, by simply doing things slightly different in your normal everyday lifestyle. I encourage you all to listen and at least say you’ve tried, … each technique I describe throughout my visits to each lodge, and if possible to give feedback on how it’s worked for you.

In today’s visit, I will be discussing some very negative and disempowering words and phrases which we all use each day in our everyday lives without even realizing it. My techniques will simply involve, changing these words to more positive and empowering ones which will make you feel stronger and more confident.
Brethren, having a negative attitude and personality, will actually attract negative thoughts and actions, so to introduce this as a segue, I would like everyone to have a positive attitude. Try this.

Instead of using the words “I Can’t or I Won’t or I am Unable”, if you can switch them to ” I Can, I Will and I Am Able “. Brethren, by simply changing the way one speaks, to a more positive feel, it will definitely make an impact on you. Incorporating this change, as a mason, you can say to yourself that,….. I Can memorize this charge, or I Will be confident to stand in front of the brethren to do it and I am able to pull this degree off because I know the material.

Now brethren, how does that sound, compared to,…I Can’t memorize that charge, or I Won’t be confident enough to stand in front of everyone…or I m unable to pull this degree off because I don’t know the material well enough. I personally think that this already starts you off in a negative state of mind.

Brethren, by simply putting these positive vibes and actions to the universe, it WILL attract positivity into your life and will work in your favour.

Brethren,I encourage you all to at least try this technique and see what happens. I’m sure brethren that it will be a step in the right direction for you in being more confident in doing all things, not just charges in lodge and standing in front of your brothers and piers, but being more strong as a mason, a friend, a husband, a father, and man in today’s society.

Thank you.

Talk composed and delivered by
Right Worshipful Brother Nick Andras
District Deputy Grand Master 2016 – 2017
Niagara B District
at King Edward VII No 471 Official Visit
October 5, 2016

Going Against the Grain
Brethren, today’s talk might not appeal to all the masses, but I still feel is a powerful technique which can bode well for you , and make you a more well rounded and more confident individual.

This technique I speak of, I like to call “Going Against the Grain”. Have you ever encountered a situation brethren in life that’s made you say to yourself, “There’s no way I would ever do that, or, That’s not me , or that’s not something I feel comfortable with”. I’m sure we all have, one time or another. So what we would most often do when that moment came by is, …….. basically avoid it. Be honest. Well, I’m saying at least most of us would.

Brethren, life is full of these difficult barriers or challenges, and I personally believe, are put there for you to conquer and deal with. Obstacles and “hard things”, which you don’t really understand why they appear out of no where, are put there for a reason. In my own thoughts and opinions ( which you might agree or disagree with ) are put there by “The Great Architect of the Universe”, and is his way of saying that you need improvement in this department of your life. You know what they say brethren, practice makes perfect.

So next time something like this comes up in your life brethren, try dealing with it head on,….and even go out of your ” comfort zone” if you need to. It might not be the most pleasant experience , but just see what happens. See what kind of response your inner thoughts and feelings tell you to do, and how to act on it. Try to not walk away from it, and ignore it because it will somehow comeback to you in a different format.

In my opinion brethren, and like I said before, it’s not for all the masses to try, but attack the barrier head on and put your fears and worries aside. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Once again brethren, this is just another technique which I am simply suggesting to try that will make you,….a better mason, better friend, better husband, father, and all around man in society.

Thank you

Talk written and delivered by
Right Worshipful Brother Nick Andras
District Deputy Grand Master 2016-2017
Niagara B District
at Dominion Lodge No 615 Official Visit
October 6, 2016

Separate yourself/ Be a Leader not a Follower
Brethren picture a flock of geese flying in the sky. I know this sounds like an odd way to start a DDGM speech, but just, bare with me. I’m going somewhere with this. I promise. How about a Prime Minister or a President of a country. A CEO of a company or a boss. Brethren, the simple fact here is these examples I’ve mentioned are all perfect examples of leaders. If one puts there mind to it brethren, we can become these leaders, in our lodge or community also. We just need to take action and DO IT.
The first thing one needs to do brethren is to just do something different. Most of us just follow lots of times what others are doing. The way to distinguish yourself and move away from the norm or the pack is to step outside the box and separate yourself from the crowd. Be that someone brethren that others will emulate. Don’t be the one that emulates someone else. It’s ok to some extent to follow a lead to see how something is done but eventually separate yourself, and be the unique person YOU were meant to be.
In our district brethren, we have many very high profile brethren who have separated themselves from a crowd and have gone away from the flock so to speak and have been the ones that others look up to. We all know who many of these brethren are. They were simply tired of there position and the “norm” and wanted something different from the craft, something more.. and went out and got it. These brothers and people brethren we see who have done this, are what I would love to see all of you become,… if you’re not already. Try to be that difference maker, try to be that person who has separated himself and has tried to distinguish himself by doing something which others will follow and remember you by.
I’m not saying everyone is meant to be a leader, but I’m simply asking you to try to just separate yourself. You might be surprised at the type of person you really are. Remember brethren, you did choose to become a Freemason… now that alone already has separated you from the norm. So congratulations on that, but continue on from this and be even more,… be that difference maker in lodge, or outside of lodge.
A way you can try to separate yourselves my brothers, would be, for example, to try and implement something. Something you can proudly say that “hey,… I did that”. Be that someone who has done and made a difference. If every brethren in each lodge, gave two ideas or thoughts on how to improve their lodge or say, started a new tradition or made something, and it happens to catch on in other lodges, how would that make you feel, knowing you were the one that implemented that… pretty good, right.
Try to do something at lodge or at home or even in your community that shows you taking initiative and implementing something. Whatever it may be brethren, let your imagination flow but remember it’s up to you. I’m only looking to bring out that leader in you, the best in you and not have this talent just hide inside you and whither away. I’m trying to expose it. Like I’d mentioned in my first speech at King Edward VII lodge earlier in the month, which is another good example to try if you choose,… Try taking on that extra charge in lodge. Be known for doing that charge. Get a reputation from others that make them say,… “Hey brother _____ does a great job on this charge,listen to how he delivers it”. It’s a great feeling when this happens brethren when your known for something. Of course, it does have its minor drawbacks where everyone will be asking for your help, which I’m sure R.W. Bro. Dave Martin or W. Bro. Michael Ferguson can attest to, but it’s still a good thing brethren.
So my friends, in conclusion, separate yourself from the pack and step outside the box and do something different. Be a leader and,… as in all my speeches so far have expressed, this is just another technique that will make you a better mason, a better friend, a better husband, father, and overall man in society.
Thank you.
Written and delivered by:
RW Bro. Nick Andras
District Deputy Grand Master 2016-2017
Niagara B District
at Myrtle Lodge No 337 Official Visit

Good Deeds make the World a Better Place
Have you ever helped someone fix a tire brethren, on the side of the road? Or have you volunteered your time giving out soup at a local food bank? What do these two things I’ve mentioned, remind you of. Today’s speech if you already haven’t figured it out is about doing random “good deeds” for people and family each and every day.
It sounds rather simple brethren, and funny enough it is. The act of doing good deeds to random people is so simple that anyone can do it. Mind you it does sometimes take courage, to talk to someone or approaching a random person, but that’s pretty much it. Approaching a person, or by chance just happen to be in a position to do an act of kindness happens quite often each day to everyone. It is sometimes tough to spot, but it does appear. You just have to pay attention. I’ll bet many of you have held a door open for someone, or given up your seat on a bus or somewhere. Isn’t it a great feeling when you’ve done this, and putting a smile on someone’s face as there appreciation is shown. I’ve even noticed many times standing in line at timmies, that someone would be short of change, and I’ve given it to them. The opportunities brethren to help other people are always there.
Here’s something that will make you feel good which I’d love all of you to try. Mind you, only if you want to. When your in a lineup with your car getting coffee at Tim Hortons, and it’s your turn,….place your order, and when it’s your turn to pay, ask the teller you’d like to pay for the persons purchase who’s behind you as well. If they ask you why, tell them because you wanted to and ask them to one day, return the favour for someone else. This is called the pay it forward system. Very similar to a good deed, but now you are asking the deed to continue on,…like a chain. Picture if this is done on a regular basis everywhere, how happy people would be because they are simply helping , being kind , and spreading good will towards you fellow man.
Other examples you may want to use brethren to try doing good deeds are simply volunteering where required. Many places have jobs or small tasks that can use helpers. Assisting at a nursing home talking to the elderly or even pushing them around on there wheelchairs, these small acts of kindness go a long way. You might even make a friend out of it at the end, who knows. What I’m trying to say brethren, is maybe the next time you pass a car on the highway or street and they have a flat tire,….stop and offer your assistance. Or when your getting an oil change somewhere you regularly go,….bring them a dozen donuts. You will be pleasantly surprised at the happiness you’ve brought to someone by doing it.
So brethren, as your tomorrow day begins, and your out and about through the day,….do a good deed, or two, or three. Try the pay it forward technique if you wish, and maybe volunteer at a nursing home or something like that. When people notice that all you want to do is help someone, they will accept you with open arms. This brethren is just another technique you may want to try to help you be that better mason, husband, father, friend and all around better man in society. Thank you
Written and delivered by:
Right Worshipful Brother Nick Andras
District Deputy Grand Master 2016-2017
Niagara B District
at Macnab Lodge No 169 Official Visit

Peoples will stand in your way and resist
My brothers, as I’ve been speaking at each of my official visits about being that better man, you will be gaining what I want to call a “momentum train”. What I mean by this is brethren, as you keep up the positivity and the confidence each and every day, you will be exuding positive vibes and energy all over the place. These vibes which you will be giving off, will be infectious, and what I mean by infectious is that others will want to jump on your train so to speak and will be feeling your excitement and confidence.
This brethren will be normal and a good thing to have people happy for you. The sad part is that their will be some resistance and jealousy towards you by others. These people, whom I like refer to as “toxic”‘people or “energy drainers ” will take there toll on you and just mentally fatigue you. The reason this is , is because they want what you have attained and worked hard to get, while they have not put in the effort. So sadly their way of coping with seeing your success is to bring you down. This is where today’s speech comes into play brethren.
When this happens to you, just think back to freemasonry. I apoligize before I start my next few lines on the cliches I’m going to say but they are all relevant. While you’ve been making yourself a “better man” and utilizing the working tools as your implements of success, you have been building a solid structure……which I’d like to refer to as YOU. You are a solid structure of positivity and confidence. These toxic and negative people are there to make you crumble. Don’t let them ruin the rock you’ve become, because of there jealousy towards you. Be that Rock, be that Tower of power and use these people to your advantage to remain strong and not crumble.
If anything brethren, these people who enter your life each day should actually put a smile on your face. What I mean is use them to your advantage. I’m going to give them a unique name here, so don’t laugh. I’m going to call them ” motivational vitamins”. You take a vitamin each day to make you feel better, correct. Use these people as reasons to make you be even better through your day. Use them like a B 12 shot. Keep in mind all day that there reason to be around you is to bring you down..don’t let them win. If you show weakness and get offended at there actions, your letting them win and take you over. Don’t let this happen. Remain stronger than them, and they will eventually leave you alone.
In conclusion brethren, toxic people in your life are there to put you down and weaken you. Show them who’s boss and that your not just something that will fall apart and crumble. Show them you have substance, that your a rock. Sometimes when these people see how you are acting towards them and they see that you are unaffected, then most of the times they’ll leave you alone..they even sometimes show you respect after some time. So my brothers, this is just another technique that you may want to try, to make you that better mason, husband, father, friend and man in society.
Written and delivered by,
Right Worshipful Brother Nick Andras
District Deputy Grand Master
Niagara B District